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Rakeback vs Deposit Bonuses

Rakeback vs Deposit Bonuses - Which is the smarter choice for players?

Online bonuses are a great incentive for playing on a poker site. Rakeback is also a great incentive to play. Which one is better? There are arguments for both sides, but here are a few reasons why you might opt for rakeback instead of an online poker bonus.

Online Bonuses Come and Go but Rakeback Is Forever

Rakeback pays you every time you play on a certain site. If you play a raked hand, you get rakeback. The more raked hands you play in a month, the more rakeback you get. If you’re planning to play on a specific site for a long time, rakeback is the way to go. You can only earn an online sign up poker bonus once for each site. Whether you are a losing or winning player, the amount of benefit you gain from rakeback will quickly exceed the amount you gain from an online poker bonus if you continue to play on one site with a high rake back program.

Rakeback Makes Your Win Rate Truer

If you play with an online poker bonus and your bankroll grows, it’s not necessarily a reflection of your playing ability, since you can lose an amount up to the amount of the bonus and still be ahead. On the other hand, your true win rate is the amount you would win if there were no rake, since the rake is something your playing skills have no effect on. Therefore, the more rake you have returned to you, the more accurate your win rate is as a reflection of your playing ability.

Choosing Rakeback

In sum, if you are going to play at a certain site for a long time, try signing up for that site through the affiliate to maximize your return for as long as you play there.
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